AR Photobooth
  •  The guests stand in front of an open air photo booth and watch themselves appear on a large monitor.

  • Instantly, random 3D props are loaded onto the screen, the guest will be able to move and interact with the props as if they are handling real objects.

  •  The guest can switch through the random props by raising their right hand above their head.

  •  The Augmented Reality Booth also utilizes a new technology that allows the user to remove and replace the background without the need of a physical green screen backdrop. Guests can position themselves anywhere in the world with virtual props on them!

  •  When the guest is ready to take their snap, they simply need to select the camera or video icon. A memorable Augmented Reality photo can then be printed, emailed, or shared on to social media.

Chroma Booth
  •  Chroma Booth creates an image to fit your requirement of the event. We create unique digital backdrops, design the lighting system to match it, use custom built apps to create a high quality experience as well as print a quality image to be gifted as a memory of the event or the brand.

  •  The guest enters Chroma Booth, gets an image clicked and we produce a flattering image in seconds.

  •  Head to our Share Stations setup outside the booth where you can see your photos, share them to social media, and print the ones you like. V

Giffy Booth
  •  Through Giffy Booth, we intend to capture the energy of the guests in action and socially connect them to their friends in a unique manner.

  •  Visitors pose in front of a camera installed screen. 

  • The screen will click multiple pictures of the visitors and compile them to form a .gif image.

Giant Selfie Stick
  • In this era of viral selfie craze, we provide this giant selfie stick. A giant size phone and selfie stick is created and is setup in perfect selfie positions along with a flash light.

  • Similar to a normal selfie stick, the giant selfie stick too holds a click button. 

  •  When a guest stands in front of the giant selfie stick and clicks the button, the giant mobile setup will display the picture of the guest as a zoomed in image with the best of its quality.

Magic Mirror
  •  Our Magic Photo Mirror is a brand new activity which is very exciting! Also known as a Selfie Mirror, it is a ‘must have’ at parties, weddings, birthdays and such events.

  •  Your guests stand in front of the full length mirror and touch the magic screen to take a full length photo.

  • They can also sign comments and draw pictures on the mirror using their finger which then gets printed on the photo.

  •  The photo gets printed instantly and along with having a great time, the guests can also take away a memory with them.

360 Vine Booth
  •  The guests just have to stand and pose on the platform and our camera does everything else by capturing their 360 degree video.

  •  As the 360 degree video is clicked, these short clips will then be uploaded onto their social media accounts thereby generating a special experience

180 Time Freeze
  • As the guests enter the specified area and pose with a unique action, all the 11 to 16 of our cameras snap simultaneously.

  • These images are compiled into one shareable GIF or MP4 video.

  •  The guest instantly gets the option to share it to their social media accounts. 

  •  The compiled images can be fully branded or partially skinned.

Light Bending
  •  Twist and turn the radium stick to get a picture mimicking the path of light along with the image of the guest.

  •  This not only entertains the guests but also helps in branding of the customers.

  •  Guests can participate creatively in the promotion and then receive a premium branded memento that leaves a lasting impression.