RFID Welcome Screen
  •  Guests register themselves through our RFID bands. Once the registration is done, user moves to the event area.

  •  Guests scan their RFID band using the reader placed alongside the entry. A personalized welcome message appears on the screen inside the hall along with the picture of the delegate.

  •  A grand welcome is displayed on the giant screen along with the branding. The display message can be created to suit the requirement of the customer.

RFID Photobooth
  •  Photo Booths will be setup wherein the delegates enter the booth, tap their RFID band on a scanner, pose in front of the screen and get clicked.

  • Themed layout along with the option to post their pictures real time on their connected social accounts will be provided.

  •  An event album is created on their social accounts and every image has the customized caption with a link/hashtag.

  •  Every picture can be posted with a custom superimposed frame

RFID Registration
  •  Guests register themselves through our RFID bands. Every guest is provided with an RFID band and the guests connect to their social accounts through his/her RFID band.

  •  Once the registration is complete, users move to the event area.

  •  Upon registration the following actions are performed by default :

  1.  An automatic “Going to the Event confirmation” is recorded.

  2. A location “check-in” with customized text is posted on to his/her social account.